Marketing Factsheet Application expedites marketing reports for Fund of Hedge Funds

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Best Alternative has introduced an innovative Marketing Factsheet Application (MFA)™ to help Hedge Funds & Fund of Hedge Funds with Factsheet Reporting. This tool is designed to address specific reporting and operational issues faced by Fund of Hedge Funds like:

  • Automated process for generating customized Factsheets that are ready to send to Investors/Prospective Investors
  • Accurate and up-to-date Factsheets that are not based on stale data
  • Saving effort & cost on periodic reporting activities like Factsheet generation
  • Reduce dependence on spreadsheet to generate Factsheets & Reports

MFA fetches data from the Client’s Fund Accounting Applications to generate Factsheets. The MFA requires minimal manual intervention and with a few clicks the user can generate factsheets for multiple Funds and for multiple periods.

Best Alternative has implemented the MFA for one of its European based clients that use Webfolio as their Fund Accounting Application. However, the MFA is flexible enough to be integrated with other industry specific applications as well.

The MFA is capable of presenting Factsheets with the following critical information about a fund(s):

  • MTD, YTD, Contribution and other performance metrics
  • Allocation, Top 10 Managers
  • Sharp Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Drawdowns and other statistical metrics
  • Fund Objective, Subscription/Redemption Date, Notice
  • Other customized Fund related information

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