Investment Analysis And Support


Investment Analysis And Support


Our highly academic and talented teams provide investment managers with support throughout the investment process from ensuring the core data is correct for analysis as well as providing tailor made analysis / reporting.

We work with the client’s investment team to provide timely and high-quality hedge fund information to their portfolio managers.

We have the capacity to cover 1000's of actively reporting and graveyard hedge funds from leading hedge fund databases and various modules are organised by data themes which can be subsequently captured in the client’s in-house platform.

These modules include fund profile, manager contact information, full historical quantitative performance data, AUM level data categorized by vehicle, strategy and firm since inception, fund exposure and attribution data based on sector, geographical focus and/or investment etc.

Additionally, we can classify your funds into invested, redeeming and watchlist status to ensure that the investment and risk analysts are able to closely monitor and keep a much better track of the funds, therefore leveraging our analytical and data management expertise.