Our X Factor

Our X Factor

x-factor-icon Our X factor?

  • Top talent THINKERS and great doers
  • We are not perfect. We view obstacles and mistakes as opportunities to understand the root causes of discrepancies and create solid solutions to ensure they don't happen again. Problems make us grow and improve everything we do
  • We welcome uncertainty as we believe growth and abundance lies outside our comfort zone
  • Strong corporate culture based on sincerely ‘caring’ about what we do and how well we do it
  • A culture based on trust and respect in everything we do
  • We always find a way – no matter what the issue may be
  • We are flexible in our approach – no client fits into any box
  • Full transparency in our pricing model – we are not short term thinkers – our approach is to create long term relationships based on honesty and integrity and trust with our clients
  • We always do what we do in the best interest of our clients before our own

we-are-different-icon What is different about us?

  • We are unique and completely different from any service provider in this industry. Our culture is pulled towards doing what we do better than anyone else.
  • Through a next generation / cutting edge business model, we transform businesses.
  • At BEST, we adapt to changes in the industry and find new ways to do new things. We embrace change and do not fear it
  • Our solutions to your problems and inefficiencies are flexible with a strong focus and pull towards risk and control
  • We are a THINK TANK v an execution center. We believe that execution is a by-product of intense thinking
  • Our team consists of top post grads with a wealth of experience in the alternative industry
  • A culture that is based on trust, transparency and integrity – we will never ‘chase a dollar’ - our pull is to focus always in the best interests of our clients and nothing more
  • A culture founded on value creation in all aspects
  • A strong culture on giving back a significant portion of profits and employees’ salaries to the less fortunate of this world. We bring together our basic needs of achievement in business and true fulfillment in life. This is our true purpose.
  • We aim to go above and beyond the ordinary and deliver WOW through service all the time.

To know more write to us at info@bestalternative.com.

Corporate Motto

Our motto is to say to ourselves each day,
"What can I do better today than I did yesterday? How can I bring extraordinary value and put a smile on my clients face?"

What EXCEPTIONAL VALUE can i bring to my client today?